We provide different consultancy services to our customers who want to explore new opportunities and ideas. Currently we are focusing our efforts on 'Foreign Investment consultancy" and "Artistic intervention"



Oman Market-entry Consultancy

Understand the local business environment of Oman

Event planning and facilitation

Face-to-face contact with your prospective clients

Business Development

Explore missed opportunities in Omani market

Discovery Tours Oman

Combine highlights of regular leisure tours with elements of classical business travels

Playful Interdisciplinary Performance

Using Art to Promote Healthier Organizational life

About Us

We support our clients to establish long-lasting and healthy relationships with their counterparts.
Our Partners Make Us Different

BDIran is a business consultancy firm headquartered in beautiful city of Shiraz. Our aim is to create economic and social values and have a positive impact on lives of our global citizens. We aim to contribute to these global sets of values by facilitating international business with a novel idea. In cooperation with our valued partners, we will try to offer you the best possible experience in doing business with your potential and undiscovered Omani partners. Finding the most effective mixture of relevant resources that can serve your needs in the best possible way (not off-the-shelf solutions) is our number-one priority.



Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless BDIran’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.
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Mohsen Hajiani

Founder and CEO
As an enthusiastic generalist, I have more than 10 years’ experience in management and entrepreneurship consultancy and practice in a diverse range of industries such as Artistic Intervention, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship, International Trade and Investment, Medical Equipment Distribution, Electric Power Transmission and Distribution, Business Planning Services, Hospitality, Food and Tourism to name a few. I also have been involved in training workshops and translation of management books and recently am trying to resume my academic activities by doing collaborative applied research and translate my professional background insights into reliable practical knowledge.
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Hojat Mohseni

Business Development Manager
Hojat has ten years of experience in working with a dozen of companies to handle their change initiatives. In addition, His career as a freelance translator allowed him to expand his knowledge in a variety of seemingly unrelated subjects. His interdisciplinary approach to different subjects is exactly what is needed in our postmodern world that ignores conventional boundaries of established dogmas.
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Atefeh Shafiei

Oman Branch Manager
Atefeh, who lives in Oman for six years, is fluent in Farsi, English, Arabic, and French. She is consulting with various Iranian companies for export, investment and company registration and created an extensive professional network in Oman market.
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Vahid Naghavi

Scientific Manager
Phd in Electrical Engineering majoring in Control – seeking the breakthrough in my career.
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Sahar Bahrieh

Public Relation Manager
Sahar is a businesswoman with an entrepreneurial mindset and extensive experiences in working with local start-ups. She also has been active in tourism industry for a couple of years and has numerous international contacts especially among French-speaking people. Her humble and pragmatic personality made her an asset to our team.
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Reza Skordi

Artistic Coach
Reza is a professional painter and artistic coach with a firm belief in the potentials of empowering his audience by actively engaging them in the process of artistic activities such as collaborative painting workshops. This teamwork spirit has enabled him to democratize art as a daily human activity with huge potentials for improving his audience lives.


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