Business meeting with representative of Eurasia GT Development

meeting between (SCCIM) and Eurasia GT Development represantatives

On 13 December 2015, BDIran arranged a meeting between representatives of Shiraz Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mine and Agriculture (SCCIM) and Eurasia GT Development. The meeting goal was to explore potential areas for cooperation. Mr. Hajiani, the managing director of BDIran acted as an interpreter and facilitator of this warm and friendly meeting between above parties.

At first Mr. Claude GERBAUX, representing Eurasia GT Development introduced their company’s areas of activities and large network of business associates. He pointed out their working relationship with a regional Chamber of commerce in Seine-et-Marne region, east of Paris department.  He used this opportunity to talk about the necessity of paying attention to connecting SMEs in regional economic centers namely Fars province and Seine-et-Marne department.

Then, Mr. Forghani, chairman of SCCIM talked about Fars province as a significant region with lots of growth potential in different sectors including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and education to name a few. Then, He enumerated active industries and investment opportunities in Fars province. On behalf of his organization and in cooperation with BDIran, he showed interest in developing a favorable environment for creating an educational center to held training seminars and workshops for eager people on both sides. He ended his talk by informing his guest about investment priorities in Fars province.

Later, Ms. Hemmatian and Mr. Banizamani, respectively in charge of international relations and legal issues in SCCIM, expressed their readiness to provide support and legal advises for serious foreign investors.

At the end, Mr. Forghani presented his guest with an exquisite book and local souvenirs, while all people express their optimism about establishing a long-term relationship between two parties.

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