BDIran Attended International Summit of “the creative city of Esfahan”



Our company attended “creative city of Isfahan” international conference on the 13th and 14th of January to monitor the latest situation about prospects of doing business in Iran in post-sanction era. This conference was held by Isfahan municipality and had international guest and representatives from 26 different countries. The overall atmosphere of the conference was positive and most of the attendees were enthusiastic about knowing more about doing in business in Iran. Actually by attending this conference we got more optimistic about the host of potential opportunities that can be used in this new and less traveled path of international cooperation between Small and medium-sized businesses. We also talked with people who were active in Tourism, Construction, Hospitality and Wind energy. On final thought: In general, we can say that international business conferences in Iran is getting more professional in representing what this country has to offer to curious foreign partners.

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