A Happy Day at Workplace

It all started in an ordinary afternoon. We were gathering in the house of one of our friends and discussing what we were doing. Hojat was working on a research proposal that was about using art in occupational sedentary/physical activity interventions, Mohsen was a pragmatist and generalist management consultant who was eager to see the application of these ideas in real organizational settings, Reza was a maverick professional painter who was promoting this simple idea in his workshops: “as soon as you let the brush move on a surface you are an artist!”.

In the middle of these pleasant conversations, we asked ourselves how we can converge our paths into a collaborative practice-based intervention research. In the coming week, we conducted and coached joyful workshop in Mahya Tajhiz Gostar that Mohsen is working as an organizational consultant. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from this workshop exceeded our expectations and we decided to define a collaborative research agenda drawing on the insights that we gain from these exciting experiences.

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