Our Business Philosophy

Our core values

We are committed to a set of values that will always be our guideline in carrying out daily jobs in the constantly changing environment of our world. By adhering to these core values we try our best to create an ethical and enjoyable working environment for ourselves and our partners.

The following values guide our thought, talks and actions:



We don’t have a limited win-lose or lose-lose mindset. By sharing our strength and supporting each other in overcoming our weaknesses, all of us can benefit from the resulting synergy and win-win situation.


Balancing between idealism and pragmatism

We pursue perfection in our job, but don’t let perfectionism left us paralyzed in inactivity and frustration. On the other hand, we won’t be complacent about our status quo and aim high and make constant improvement our motto.


Priority of honesty and integrity

In day-to-day hassle of doing business, we will always face some “grey areas” with tough decisions about the ethical situations. In such situations, we will adhere to the valued principles of integrity and honesty and respect for human beings. We prefer to maintain a long-term and healthy rapport with our partners instead of suffering from inescapable anxieties of unprincipled and distrustful relationships.


Our Mission

Using Playful Interdisciplinary Performances (PIPs) to create a healthy, green, productive and beautiful organizational life


Our vision

The fine art of standing up: A call to action and dialogue.