Our Focus

In the following paragraphs we will briefly tell you why we focus our attentions on Iran, Shiraz and SMEs.

Why Iran?

A brief look at following basic facts about Iran will show you why smart business people won’t ignore Iran in their initial evaluation for finding novel business opportunities around the globe:

• Its Strategic location in the geopolitically important region of Middle East.
• Second largest economy in the region after Saudi Arabia
• Second largest population of the region (young, educated and consumers of innovative products and services)
• Comparatively low costs of natural and human resources in a country with acceptable level of basic infrastructure
• Second in the world in natural gas reserves and fourth in proven crude oil reserves
• Market-based reforms that are seriously followed by recent moderate government of Iran
• Lifting of diverse international sanctions after historical nuclear deal
• Heaven of stability in a rather non-stable region.

Despite these tempting signs, other factors such as state presence in big businesses, regulatory restrictions and undeniable inefficiencies in different sectors make foreign investors and companies hesitant from rushing to start business here. Despite these obvious challenges, with a proper understanding of the situation, astute enterprises can transform these shortcomings to lucrative business opportunities for themselves. BDIran with its years of experience and vast networks of business partners is ready to accompany you in this challenging yet promising endeavor.

Why Shiraz?

Lots of reasons make Shiraz (The capital of Fars province) an attractive and distinctive destination for business development projects in Iran including:

• Economic and cultural center of Southern Iran
• Diversified economic activities including tourism, agriculture, heavy industries, education, handicraft and …
• A top-notch tourist attraction for travelers with different tastes (cultural, natural, historical and health tourism)
• Well-developed public transportation and second reliable airport in the country
• Well-known tolerant and open-minded culture of its people

In line with our principle of decentralizing economic activity, we think that Shiraz a perfect place for embarking your business initiatives as a smaller version of greater Iran. BDIran will help you to discover this wonderful land of great opportunities.

Why SMEs?

Despite their names, small and medium enterprises have a huge role in the advancement of innovation, entrepreneurship in the national and global businesses. However in the cut-throat competition with  corporate giants, they probably feel intimidated and insecure. Anyway, they can have a competitive edge over their bigger siblings with being agile and innovative. We think that there are many resources in our post-modern world that could help every business entities (regardless of its size) to stand out in the crowd of medicare counterparts.  BDIran is ready to accompany you in this challenging journey.