Event Planning and Facilitation



By having face-to-face contact with your prospective clients in a friendly atmosphere you can create mutual trust and generate goodwill in order to establish a sustainable business partnership. One of our special services is providing such a constructing environment through designing and promoting effective exhibitions, workshops or seminars for you.  These meetings will help you to promote your products and services to the carefully selected audience of your potential customers in Omani market. In these kinds of events, you have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from first-hand sources. In addition, you can build a personal relationship with them and improve your company’s image and brand in their minds. You will have a golden opportunity to engage your audiences in a constructive dialogue and know what the End-users really want from you.

In designing your event, we will help you in following areas:

  • Planning (Goal setting, Content creation)
  • Promotions (Brochures, Advertisements, and Invitations)
  • Registration
  • Logistics (accommodation, place arrangement, meals, and refreshments)
  • Simultaneous translation