Playful Interdisciplinary Performance (PIP)

Playful Interdisciplinary Performance (PIP)

Our modern lives are filled with a huge amount of challenges that threatening our physical, psychological and social health. However, a variety of scholars and practitioners are using different kinds of interventions to improve our lives and the results are promising. In this Action Research project, we aim to carry out a novel form of art-based intervention (ABIs) that we call ‘Playful Interdisciplinary Performance’ (PIP) to facilitate some system-wide Organizational Workshops.

The context of PIP

These workshops will be held in different organizational settings with an active participation of employees using participatory methods.

The significance PIP

This action research could potentially lead to tangible positive results for organizations and society while providing a good entrepreneurial opportunity for artists and organization coaches.

The goals of the PIP

We aim to use the latest scientific and artistic tools to understand and improve the organizational life of our clients relying on their own resources in a welcoming atmosphere. We will specifically focus on creating a more active and happy environment for employees that finally lead to a more productive life that will benefit both themselves and society at large.